I saw that – Karma  When I look back in my past I see lot of turbulence. Till now I have managed to penetrate clouds of turbulence and reached till here. There were many anvil clouds and I kept on dodging it. It was hell of a ride. I turned cautious during every turn of […]

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What has changed is ‘Me’

Its been 4 months since I have been working at IndiGo. Life has changed a lot since then. Before joining IndiGo I was studying at Mumbai university. I used to travel to university by local train and followed by bus. I never liked my daily routine. But I had no other alternative. I still remember […]

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It’s a time to dream BIG

Life has changed. After a long struggle and patience, life has become awesome. This is what i was dreaming of in past few years. Now I have achieved my dream, its a time to dream big. I am a dreamer and wont stop dreaming. I have experienced lot of good emotions in past months. September was […]

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