A clear winner

Hey there. Hello again. Sorry for not writing since long time. I was really caught up with so many thing . I am still caught up but now i have prioritised things. I guess life becomes very easy when we prioritise things. I always lived a hassled life till now but not anymore.

A dreamer's life

I have something very important coming up in my life. Ahh there are so many things to tell. I will be writing about it in upcoming months.

The path which I have chosen in my life can be difficult one but it will make me march towards my goal. Soon i am going to be a clear winner.


I saw that – Karma

 When I look back in my past I see lot of turbulence. Till now I have managed to penetrate clouds of turbulence and reached till here. There were many anvil clouds and I kept on dodging it. It was hell of a ride. I turned cautious during every turn of life. In this cautiousness I overlooked shining beautiful clouds. When we are in difficult situation, we tend to skip beautiful aspect of life. Same happened to me. I overlooked beautiful hearts. 

In past one year, I have hurt many beautiful hearts. Over cautiousness was accompanied with heartlessness. I apologises. I know Karma is watching me. I am ready for it.