Red Hot Sexy

I grew up driving Maruti Suzuki Omni. Mostly known as kidnapping car. Pappa bought Omni in year 2001 and i was in class 8. When Pappa bought Omni, he did not know how to drive a car. But later he learnt gradually. I was very curious to drive at that young age. So I asked my neighbour uncle to teach me how to drive. Yes I was underaged but I was crazy. He took me for a drive and I learnt it within 2 days. I could feel freedom while driving. We still have Omni with us. She is still healthy and smooth. She is in Nasik protecting out house.

As I started working as a pilot, I always wanted to but a new car. So I started hunt in mid 2015. I did test drive for almost dozen cars but there was only car which stuck chords of my mind. That was VW Vento TSI. This car has 1.2 L petrol automatic engine with turbo charger. I specially loved its sports mode. I never drove car like this before. Every car I took for test drive could not be compared with Vento. One fine day I went to showroom and booked Vento. I was vey happy that day.

Soon after few days my dream shattered. Those days I was also looking for house to buy in Mumbai. I found a nice house in Nerul, Navi Mumbai. My parents really liked that property and we decided to buy it. After working on finances, I figured out that if I want to buy a house, I wont be able to buy a car because there was a shortage of 10-15 lakh rupees. So I cancelled my car booking. That was very tough decision but it was a wise one. Later I purchased that same house. It is a dream house with 3 bedrooms and breathtaking view. Its a dream house for any guy in his late 20s. That time my finances were very tight but i knew it was a wise decision.

I kept doing test driving for cars in mean time. Truly speaking I never liked any other car other than Vento. Car which impressed my were out of my budget. I was waiting for perfect time to buy car.

As we always say ‘whatever happen, happens for a reason’. I did not buy car in 2015 but bought a house. Now I have a dream house and I dont have to worry for next 30-40 years.

I again started doing serious search for car in mid 2018. I did not tell anyone about it. I kept visiting car showrooms for test drives. But still there was only one car in my mind and heart. And that was VW Vento TSI. I went to nearby showroom and enquired about it. There i saw Vento in Flash red colour. It was a sports edition with spoiler, black mirrors and black roof. It was a sexy looking car and at that moment I decided to this car.

I did not inform my parents about it. I wanted to surprise them. They did not even a fraction of idea about it. I told car showroom not to send any paperwork at my house. If my parents see that paperwork, they will come to know that i am buying a car. Though my friends and sisters knew about it, I kept it super secret at home. I decided delivery date as 1 Sept 2018. This was my mom’s 54th birthday.

One day prior to delivery, I went to showroom to see my car. She was looking sexy. I couldn’t wait to feel her. I told showroom employees to not to reveal anything when I come with my parents to take car delivery.

On day of delivery, i told my parents that i will take them to temple as it was mummy’s birthday. So they instantly agreed on it. As they were getting ready, I quickly took my camera and tripod and went to showroom. I placed my camera facing my car and so that i could capture each and every moment. I briefed showroom employee Karan how to switch on video camera and told him to turn it on when I tell him.

I went home, my mom was wearing saree and dad was wearing shirt and trouser. We took a auto-rishaw towards car showroom. I told driver to stop 100 meters before car showroom. We all got down and were standing on road. I told my parents that my friend Nitin is coming with us and we all will go in his car. I made a fake call from my phone and pretended that Nitin is coming late. I told my parents “Nitin will take more 15 minutes to come. Let’s stand somewhere here. Or hmmm lets go to this VW showroom. We will check out some cars till Nitin comes.” My parents nodded.

Auto-rikshaw ride to showroom

I called Karan that we are coming in 30 seconds and start video recording. He pressed REC button just before we entered showroom. The moment my father entered showroom, he went close to red car and started admiring her. My mom was looking around inside showroom. She noticed Ganesh idol moorti and did namaskar. I told my parents “VW has nice cars and are sophisticated. They also have automatic cars. This red car is also automatic and is very comfortable”. My parents nodded. “Lets hop inside” I said.

My dad was sitting on rear seat and mom in front seat as I was on driver seat. I was telling my parents about few feature of this car. I asked my mom did she like this car? She replied “Yes”. I said let’s take this car home today. Happy birthday. This is our car and today we are taking delivery of this car. My parents did not know ho to react. They were surprised. My mom started crying. Those were tears of happiness. I never saw my parents so emotional before. I knew they were happy. Their happiness is my sole purpose of my life.

My mom wiped her tears and as we came out, cake was ready. She cut birthday cake along with new member of our family. I was very happy. We took keys and drove home in our brand new red car.

Now when I look behind, I feel so much proud of myself.

Icing on the cake was when i saw my car’s registration number. It was MH 43 BN 0304. I couldn’t believe it. My date of birth is 3 April. 03 04 means 3 April. I asked Karan if he requested RTO to allot this special number for my car? He said ” No sir. I or anyone in showroom did not put any request. You have randomly got this registration number. This was a such a pleasant coincidence”.

This car is very lucky for me. Car was purchased on mom’s birthday and is registered as my date of birth. Even today i feel goosebumps when i think about this coincidence.
Do check pictures taken on that day. Also check out my parents reaction video.

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I surprised mom on her birthday
Thumps up
Two men admiring
A Dreamer’s Life
Isn’t she sexy?
Moments before we stepped inside showroom

Being myself on birthday – 2015

Last month I was talking to one of my friend. She asked what are my plans for birthday? I said “Goa“. The moment I said Goa, memories of last year flashed in my mind. I was at Goa in last January and it was a real tough time. But this time it was different.

I kept the plan a secret. I also kept my birthday hidden on Facebook so that I don’t get unwanted notifications and messages. These days i feel, it is just a formality to wish someone on Facebook. Since I had kept birthday invisible, I got relieved from unwanted formal birthday wishes.

I planned to reach Palolem by evening of 2nd April. Spend birthday on beach and fly back to Mumbai on 4th April.

On 2nd April, I reached Palolem by 7:30 pm. It was dark by the time I arrived. Sound of waves and land breeze was a perfect welcome for me. I walked down towards Beach Huts where I had bookings done. The feeling of being at beach was awesome. I entered my hut and got amazed. It had a beautiful beach view. Right from my hut, I could see Monkey island and beautiful Palolem beach. The scene was very romantic. It is perfect place for lovebirds to have quality romantic time. I was alone and I could feel the romance in the air.

View from my hut
Panoramic view from my hut

I kept luggage in the room and started walking on the beach. I fell in love with sound of waves. Kinare song from Queen movie was on my playlist and I was having best time of my life. After spending relaxing time on beach, I was at a beach restaurant. They had arranged dinner tables on beach along with candle lights. I could see full moon with beautiful stars right in front of a candle at my table. I had ordered Goa’s special Prawns curry and rice.  There I had a visitor. A dog walked down towards me and sat next to my table. I think he did not want me to eat alone. He gave me a lovely company.

A dinner was followed by a long walk on beach. By the time it was 10:30 pm, I was tired. So I started reading a novel. It was novel by S Hussain Zaidi – My name is Abu Salem. By the time it was 11:30pm, I kept novel and phone aside and went for a walk on beach. Night was even more beautiful with those ariel firecrackers. There was a wedding ceremony at the other end of the beach. I considered it as someone was telling me that “Hey brother, look there! Sky is beautiful and it’s a special night”. I did not realise it was 12 am. I was looking right at the moon. He had a bright smiling face. I felt loved! The universe was sending me love. I never felt this much amazed in my life. After a peaceful walk, I went inside hut and found my phone ringing. That was Minu. Very sweetly she wished me happy birthday. And then Mom called. I felt so much loved. I wanted to hug her right then.After talking to her, I switched off my phone because I did not want to answer any unwanted call. And then I went gentle into that good night, waiting for beautiful sun to rise.

It was a special morning. I woke up at 5:30 in the morning. I got fresh and went for swimming. Sea was warm and pleasant. I dived in and kept breathing the fresh air. Sun was still hiding under easterly direction and I was eagerly waiting for him to rise and wish me on my birthday. The feeling was awesome. I could feel the joy in the air. The calmness of sea and silence of beautiful morning was making me feel special. By the time I finished swimming, sun was above horizon and showing off his orange color. I was continuously staring at sun. It was a great feeling. I never felt so much relaxed before. I closed my eyes and prayed.


After swimming, I decided to go for kayaking. It was early morning and sea was calm. It was best time to go for kayaking. I took a dry bag along, kept my goggle, mobile phone inside and headed towards sea. I started stroking with paddle and within no time, I was moving away from shore. I kept stroking hard as if I wanted to run away from everything. I never felt like stopping and looking back. I know if i look back, I will be worried about what has left behind. So I chose not to look back and kept stroking. After boating for half an hour, I was very far from land. I stopped stroking and let the boat settle. Loosened up my grip and stretched my legs and lied down on boat. I managed to balance myself. At that moment I was right inside sea and nobody was around. I had goggles on and i was looking at blue sky. My world never felt so calm before. I counted 100 to 0 (what i frequently do to get relaxed). After counting till number zero, I started stroking again and made a 180 degree turn to head towards coast.

As I started heading towards coast, I saw some black colored object right ahead of me. I did not care to observe. I kept stroking. And then again I saw that. I tried to focus. And it was a dolphin. I could not believe my eyes. Three number of dolphins were right 100 meters away from me and were crossing my path from right to left. I stopped and kept admiring them. I felt like those dolphins did not want me to be alone in sea and came to wish me on my birthday. I never felt so amazed before. I had special visitors.

Day at the beach
Day at the beach

I spent rest of the day relaxing on beach, reading a novel and enjoying beautiful view. A day was about to end and sun was heading towards west direction. It was a beautiful scene. Sun was turning into orangish and I was walking on the beach. I had headphones on and Bryan Adams on my playlist. I was observing people enjoying at the beach. Fishermen were getting ready with their boats, kids were building forts with sand, lovebirds were enjoying swimming, sun was setting down and I was walking without worries. It was a great feeling. I never felt alone. As the sun was setting down, I was observing how he was changing his color from golden to orange to red. He was waving me a good bye. I clicked him. He looked special. I kept looking at him and thanked for all happiness and strength.


After dinner, I was again at beach. It was dark. I was sitting on sand and observing the waves. I felt addicted. Though I was alone, I never felt alone. I was happy. I had inner peace. A perfect birthday was about to end. I looked at the moon and he was still smiling. It was midnight and I was King of my happy kingdom.

That day I realised that my world isn’t big. It is very tiny. It has space only for happiness. This journey started with #100HappyDays and here here I am. Stress-free, Happy and Dreaming.

It’s a time to dream BIG

Life has changed. After a long struggle and patience, life has become awesome. This is what i was dreaming of in past few years. Now I have achieved my dream, its a time to dream big. I am a dreamer and wont stop dreaming.

I have experienced lot of good emotions in past months. September was my first working month. On 30th Sept at morning 11:07 am, I received a sms from HDFC bank stating that my first salary has been credited. I got very emotional and called my father. He was very happy for me. On the next day, I flew to Mumbai to meet my parents and handed over my first salary. With my first salary, I gifted dad a new iPhone 5C. His previous phone was highly damaged and in bad condition. With iPhone, now he can FaceTime (Video call) me and can also click photographs. Also mom bought a beautiful saree. I could not meet my sisters as they both were not keeping well. I missed them during my short visit to Mumbai.

I also met ‘The girl who broke my heart’. It was her birthday. I wished her on phone. She wanted to meet. As I got inside her car, I presented her chocolates and a gifts. I kissed her (on cheeks) and said “Happy birthday. May god give you all the happiness, love and health. You were and are very special”. She was emotional because she knew she have messed up our friendship (and my love). I could not see her crying.

Also it was a day which is very special for me and my ex girlfriend. We started dating on same day in year 2008. I still remember the date but did not wish her because I don’t want her to remember her past. She is happy in her present and I want her to stay happy forever.

After couple of days, I flew back to Delhi. 10th October was my graduation day at IndiGo. My parents were in Delhi for the occasion. It was very emotional day for me and my parents. After 4 and half years of patience and struggle, everything was fine. I was in uniform and my parents were feeling proud. That was the first time, I could not control my emotions. I went into tears after receiving epaulettes and training completion certificate.

Right now I am sitting at a luxurious hotel room at Bangalore. Accommodation is arranged by IndiGo. A life which i was dreaming of has begun. Now its a time to dream bigger and grow bigger.

p.s. For the past few weeks, I could feel that ‘Girl with Golden smile’ is trying to avoid me. She did not answer phone calls and messages. I dont know the reason for this sudden change. I did not ask why is she doing this. I may never ask what went wrong because emotion makes us fool and reality makes us stronger.

Being myself on birthday

Its been three months we are in year 2014 and for the first time i felt nice and happy. I have taken #100happydays challenge on Instagram where i upload a photograph of happiest moment of the day. It surprisingly helped me to stay happy and not to think about things which makes me sad.
My birthday was 21st day on #100happydays list. I wanted my birthday to be the most beautiful birthday ever. So first thing i decided is not to expect any gifts, wishes and visits from friends and family. Half of the problems are solved when we don’t expect anything in return.

My birthdays in 2011 and 2012 were not so awesome due to various reasons. On my last birthday in 2013 i was at hostel room in Hyderabad. All my friends visited me at 12am. There was no electricity. I cut cake in bright focus of mobile phone flashlights. I was taken to dark common room for birthday bumps. That was best birthday till 2013. So i wanted this birthday to be better than previous.

Snickers in morning

Before birthday midnight i was reading Bhagavad- Gītā. Reading Bhagavad- Gītā keeps me positive and motivated. It was 12 am and i was about to finish Chapter 1. I slept thinking about Arjuna’s thoughts about Mahabharata.
After very long time i had a deep sleep. When i woke up, i saw mummy coming close and she wished me with my favourite ‘Snickers’ chocolate. I hugged her and could not stop smile.

I got ready to attend lecture at Mumbai University. When i reached, everyone was happy to see me. All my friends hugged and wished me. After lecture we all friends had lots of fun while making paper-planes and rockets. I could see smiles everywhere.


After lecture i went to library and stayed there till noon. As i decided not to expect anything from anyone, i went to watch a film. I got in to auto rikshaw and headed towards Phoenix Market City. I booked a ticket for ‘Queen’ movie. I loved it. After long tome i watched a movie alone. Last time i watched a movie alone was Namastey London. Kangana Ranaut is awesome in this movie. Queen made my day.

View from Jari Mari

After movie i went to Subway and ordered My favourite 6 inches long Chicken Ham sub. With take away sub I headed towards Jari Mari. By then i was 5 pm. From Jari Mari one can have view of whole Mumbai Airport. Jari Mari is one of my favourite places in Mumbai. I saw aircrafts landing and taking off. Nothing is magnificent than looking at aircrafts touching down on runway and that white smoke due to friction between aircraft tire and runway.


After Jari Mari i travelled to Marine Drives. I wanted to see birthday sunset at Marine Drives. I always wanted to spend my birthday there. This year i made it possible. As i reached there, sun was just few degrees from horizon. I kept looking at that beautiful scene. I was very happy to be there. While sitting there, i did not miss anyone. I was feeling pure and happy. I did not think of those who left me, who cheated on me or those things which made me unhappy. I kept all negativity out of my brain.

Shev Poori

As i reached home at 9pm, mom had made delicious Shev poori. She got a pastry for me which i later cut ( assuming it as a cake). Dad was not at home. He had gone to Nasik for some work. I missed him. 

On my birthday i just stayed alone and happy. Not being dependent on anyone for happiness is best feeling. I felt like king of my own kingdom and there were no sorrows in my kingdom. Many people who are close to me, forgot to wish me on the day. But i just did not care.
By now i have learned to stay happy alone. I have started enjoying my own company. I have realised, i always kept myself within boundaries. But now for the first time i could break those boundaries. I am feeling like i am a free bird.

p.s. This is my first post via iPad. I prefer physical keyboard on laptop. Today gave a try with iPad. Enjoyed typing onscreen.