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A bitter truth

It was year 2016 when I started thinking about getting married. I had a nice job, i had bought a new house and everything was in place. My parents kept asking me about marriage plans and i kept avoiding until then. I was not dating anyone since long and was not close to any girl.... Continue Reading →

Red Hot Sexy

I grew up driving Maruti Suzuki Omni. Mostly known as kidnapping car. Pappa bought Omni in year 2001 and i was in class 8. When Pappa bought Omni, he did not know how to drive a car. But later he learnt gradually. I was very curious to drive at that young age. So I asked... Continue Reading →

A clear winner

Hey there. Hello again. Sorry for not writing since long time. I was really caught up with so many thing . I am still caught up but now i have prioritised things. I guess life becomes very easy when we prioritise things. I always lived a hassled life till now but not anymore. I have... Continue Reading →

A much needed break?

Remember i was talking about dreams coming true? May be you dont remember beccause its been a long that i have written anything on my blog. I was very busy (or you can say i was stuck in a cage) living life. Things have changed a lot nowadays. I am not a same person as... Continue Reading →

Falling behind 

Lately I have become lazy and not studying for ATPL written and oral examinations. I feel I'm falling behind and lost that pace which I had during year 2013-2014.  There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.


I saw that - Karma  When I look back in my past I see lot of turbulence. Till now I have managed to penetrate clouds of turbulence and reached till here. There were many anvil clouds and I kept on dodging it. It was hell of a ride. I turned cautious during every turn of... Continue Reading →

2015 and me

I was partying at Jaipur when clock ticked first moment of year 2015. I never felt so happy before. I was partying alone in  unknown crowd. I was dancing like nobody is watching. From corner of my eyes I noticed two girls were hitting on me. But I chose not to bother and continued to dance. I... Continue Reading →

What has changed is ‘Me’

Its been 4 months since I have been working at IndiGo. Life has changed a lot since then. Before joining IndiGo I was studying at Mumbai university. I used to travel to university by local train and followed by bus. I never liked my daily routine. But I had no other alternative. I still remember... Continue Reading →

It’s a time to dream BIG

Life has changed. After a long struggle and patience, life has become awesome. This is what i was dreaming of in past few years. Now I have achieved my dream, its a time to dream big. I am a dreamer and wont stop dreaming. I have experienced lot of good emotions in past months. September was... Continue Reading →

A new role

On april 3rd I was celebrating my birthday with mom (dad was out of town). She had got few pastries and made  Pani puri. That day i turned 26. As we were celebrating, I looked at mom. She was emotional. She said “I have only one wish. I want to see you flying”. I told... Continue Reading →

A real beginning of Happy Days

Ahh! Its was an awesome month of August. I still cant believe that everything happened very fast. It was a magical journey. It all started in month of July when i received an email from HR of IndiGo Airlines asking to send documents for written exam at New Delhi for the post of Junior first... Continue Reading →

What I learnt in #100HappyDays?

Today i successfully completed 100happydays challenge. I am feeling very happy. I never thought i would be able to complete it. But i did it. I did not realise how fast these 100 days passed. Everyday i decided to do something different which kept me happy. During these 100 days, i discovered various ways to... Continue Reading →

Letting Go of Judging People

I have found this article at about how to let go of judging people. Its a must read. One of the best changes I’ve made to help me be happier is learning to see judging other people as a red flag. Now, I’m not going to pretend I don’t ever judge other people —... Continue Reading →

Tale of four

When I met them for the first time, I felt they were freak, hyper and loud. But as we spent time together, I realised they were my best buddies in entire college. Minu, Nitya and Sahil were best buddies and were not ready to add fourth person to their group. When we started spending time... Continue Reading →

Tragedy of life

I was sad because i was missing her. She was sad because she was missing someone  else. Tragedy of life I wrote this few weeks ago. Felt like sharing

A dreamer’s life has begun

Last time i wrote a blog post about my birthday. I really felt nice and special on my birthday. There were few moments in past week when i was again trapped in sad memories. But i am glad that duration of those sad moments were shrunk to few hours. Whenever i used to feel sad,... Continue Reading →

Being myself on birthday

Its been three months we are in year 2014 and for the first time i felt nice and happy. I have taken #100happydays challenge on Instagram where i upload a photograph of happiest moment of the day. It surprisingly helped me to stay happy and not to think about things which makes me sad. My birthday... Continue Reading →

मेरे जैसा तू

आहटे, हो रही तेरी, दिल के दर पे मेरे, तू यही है कही ना कही। आहटे, हो रही तेरी, दिल के दर पे मेरे, तू यही है कही। कभी मेरे ख्वाब सा, कभी उलझे जवाब सा। के चंदा मे भी दाग सा, मेरे जैसा तू। के दरिया का हो इक सिरा, के अरमानो का सिलसिला,... Continue Reading →

Good things will happen to me

One saddest thing about being innocent and honest is people take me for granted and try to cheat. I may be smiling but it hurts from inside when someone who is very close to me, tries to do so. Past couple of months were full of heart breaks and disappointments. I did not clear GoAir... Continue Reading →

A Journey

When a journey but not a destination is giving you pleasure, you know you have made a right choice 

Am i fake blogger?

At this time, i have a lot things to write. I have numerous topics to share on blog. But i am waiting for a perfect time. Every time I click on "New Post" tab and start writing but eventually i realize that this is not perfect time to share it to world through my blog.... Continue Reading →

Laser illumination hazards on pilots

A recent spate of incidents in the UK involving lasers directed at landing aircraft is evidence that they continue to be a threat to aviation. In August several aircraft operating into Gatwick, Liverpool and East Midlands were illuminated with a strong laser by persons on the ground, whilst flying visual approaches. Although fortunately no direct... Continue Reading →

Airline Pilot Secrets

The magazine’s research suggested that some pilots feel under pressure to fly with less fuel than crew are “comfortable” with; that you’re unlikely to receive much warning if something goes awry in the sky; and that airlines may overestimate flight times to improve punctuality. Some of the trickiest US airports to land at were also... Continue Reading →

Go Air type rated exam

Today was a normal day until i came to know that GoAir is conducting exam for type rated A320 pilots. This information is not official. I have come to know from many resources that GoAir will be conducting exam this month. Whether for experienced type rated pilots or non experienced, i don’t know exact idea.... Continue Reading →

Study planner

Days at CTE were magical. Those were undoubtedly best moments in my life till now. That feeling of getting trained at Air India is fascinating. Ground training days were tiring and busy going. We all batch mates  never used to get time to relax. Weekend were holiday but saturday and sunday used to expedite. I... Continue Reading →

New friend is here

Yeah it's been a dream come true. I was waiting for this moment since very long time. And now I have an iPad 😃. My dad gifted me this sexy gadget. I am extremely happy. Now I am going to make full use of iPad for studies and knowledge.I got a very good deal at... Continue Reading →

Back to Relaxed mode

Its been four days I have been to Nasik.  After finishing training at Air India, Hyderabad it is a much needed vacation. Life at Hyderabad was not much happening. Only the best angle of Hyderabad was Airbus A320 training. Rest everything was very dull for me while doing Endorsement type rating. I was at Hyderabad for... Continue Reading →

Up in the Air for very first time

It was a day I was waiting for since I have started aviation studies. A day for familiarization flight on Air India A320 at Chennai International Airport. It was a perfect day for a flight. Light cross winds, OAT 32 degree,cloud at 4000 feet. intercepting Loc Me and Divakar left Hyderabad in bus a day... Continue Reading →

Dedication and Lonelyness

Its been a week since I have started Fixed base simulator training. Its awesome feeling to fly A320. But flying this beautiful airplane is not so easy. I need to work hard to master this plane. Today was 5th session. Capt. Sandeep Rana and Capt. M K Dutta are my instructor. I have never seen... Continue Reading →

Emotions and you

Emotions are like boomerang. If you throw it away, it comes back and hit you. Living without emotions is not possible but living with emotions is not good either. Someone has rightly said that learn to fool your emotions but never let your emotions fool you. Being an emotional person, i try to control myself to express my... Continue Reading →

A day of joy

It was a Sunday as a Sunday should be. Totally rocking day it was. I was at Kala Ghoda Music Festival with Deepak. It was a day to die for because I have never been to any concert before. Getting inside the concert was a big task. There was no Q. It was like a kumbh mela... Continue Reading →

Her first touch

Today I had last two supernumery sessions. This time it was in old simulator. My all previous sessions were booked in new simulator 3. Though it was new simulator, it has become very special for me. I got to fly it today. Capt. N P Singhal was very kind to offer me to operate lovely... Continue Reading →

Yeyyy!! he is here

Today my sister gave birth to baby boy. This is very special moment for me. I was eagerly waiting for him. I used to see him moving inside his mothers womb. Deedee said he used to love playing football in her womb. I am desperately waiting for my supernumery sessions to get over so that... Continue Reading →

Hopes and dedication

Dedication is something which helped me to reach up to this stage of my career. I was not sure if I could do this but as time progressed I molded myself to win the race. It was 2007 monsoon when I first stepped into commercial aviation studies. Things were not easy. But dedication made my... Continue Reading →

Closing cycles

One always has to know when a stagecomes to an end. If we insist on stayinglonger than the necessary time, we losethe happiness and the meaning of theother stages we have to go through.Closing cycles, shutting doors, endingchapters – whatever name we give it, whatmatters is to leave in the past themoments of life that... Continue Reading →

Begining of new era

03 Dec 2013. Its a very special day for me. Today I went to Airbus A320 simullator for my first supernumery session. It was a breath-taking experience in brand new A320 simulator at CTE, Air India. It was a routine check for Capt. Abhishek Choudhary and Capt. Milind under supervision of Capt. A Pramanick. My... Continue Reading →

A new hope. A new year

This is it. We all are into new year. I am celebrating new year in new city. Hyderabad. People in this city are going crazy tonight. Bikers are rocking city roads. Every one seems to be happy. And yeah I am happy too.At new year countdown I was at my apartment near Masab Tank. It... Continue Reading →

Journey back to Hyd

I am on the way to Hyderabad. My simulator training will resume in few days. Right now I am at Yavat which is a small town on Mumbai- Solapur highway. Its very cold out here. My palms are freezing. I just had dinner. Mom packed me a tiffin. She cooked my favourite bhindi masala and... Continue Reading →

A day with mixed emotions

Well this post is not about today, its about yesterday. Mixed emotions, yeah it was full of mixture of them. It started as a normal but ended up in extremely sad day. I experienced happiness, joy, friendship, excitement, loneliness and no money.I was at Mumbai domestic airport with Ajinkya to meet his cousin Hira who is flying... Continue Reading →

A long walk and music

Last 10 days were very exciting and were full of surprises. It feels good to get surprised. Today I am in Rock Garden. Its a same place which I mentioned in my earlier posts. My home is 2.5k away from Rock Garden. I decided to talk down to this place. Another reason for walking such... Continue Reading →

So called winter !!

So called Mumbai winterIts winter season in India. Well I don't think so. Its freaking hot here in Mumbai. I know this part of India doesn't get cold as rest of country but there has to be some sign of cold. Today afternoon I checked temperature on Google. It was 32 degree celcius in Mumbai.... Continue Reading →

A magical day

Today i have migrated to blogger. I was using WordPress but I found blogger very convenient because it is linked to my Google+ profile. I have simply cop- pasted my WordPress posts to blogger.Today was a fantastic day. Me and Deepak went for a movie called Life of Pi. It has a story which makes you keep believe in... Continue Reading →

line of determination

At some point you will realize that you have done too much for someone, that the only next possible step to do is to stop. Leave them alone. Walk away. It's not like you're giving up, and it's not like you shouldn't try. It's just that you have to draw the line of determination from... Continue Reading →

Poor at money. Rich with heart

Mothe babaThe man is this photograph is a cobbler. He earns money by mending shoe for living. He is in his 70s and stays alone. He doesn't have house to live. He sleeps in school during night. He is very poor. And most shocking thing is, he is my uncle(dads real brother) How unrealistic it... Continue Reading →

Travelling to Native

I am on the way to my grandfather(maternal)'s house. It is 40 kms away from nasik. Its been long time i have not visited his place. I used to visit that place when i was child. We all cousins used to gather during summer vacation and we used to have lot of fun. But now... Continue Reading →

Off to Nasik

I am travelling to Nasik. I took a train. I hate travelling by train but i dont have any other option. Its winter season in mumbai but in afternoon time its real hot out here in train. But it doesnt matter more. Its just a three and half hour journey. i can play games or... Continue Reading →

Evening and mood swings

I really hate my mood swings after i get up from sleep in evening. I feel very sad after that. I feel every single thing around me is sending negative vibes in my body. This is not same always. Very few times i felt very motivated after sleep.I was hungry. I had dinner before my family.... Continue Reading →

A start

Today, i finally decided to start blogging. i am planing to write my thoughts here. i dont have any plans to make it public. but i may make it public after some days.  here goes my first blog. rest posts are coming soon. tc -cng

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