Red Hot Sexy

I grew up driving Maruti Suzuki Omni. Mostly known as kidnapping car. Pappa bought Omni in year 2001 and i was in class 8. When Pappa bought Omni, he did not know how to drive a car. But later he learnt gradually. I was very curious to drive at that young age. So I asked my neighbour uncle to teach me how to drive. Yes I was underaged but I was crazy. He took me for a drive and I learnt it within 2 days. I could feel freedom while driving. We still have Omni with us. She is still healthy and smooth. She is in Nasik protecting out house.

As I started working as a pilot, I always wanted to but a new car. So I started hunt in mid 2015. I did test drive for almost dozen cars but there was only car which stuck chords of my mind. That was VW Vento TSI. This car has 1.2 L petrol automatic engine with turbo charger. I specially loved its sports mode. I never drove car like this before. Every car I took for test drive could not be compared with Vento. One fine day I went to showroom and booked Vento. I was vey happy that day.

Soon after few days my dream shattered. Those days I was also looking for house to buy in Mumbai. I found a nice house in Nerul, Navi Mumbai. My parents really liked that property and we decided to buy it. After working on finances, I figured out that if I want to buy a house, I wont be able to buy a car because there was a shortage of 10-15 lakh rupees. So I cancelled my car booking. That was very tough decision but it was a wise one. Later I purchased that same house. It is a dream house with 3 bedrooms and breathtaking view. Its a dream house for any guy in his late 20s. That time my finances were very tight but i knew it was a wise decision.

I kept doing test driving for cars in mean time. Truly speaking I never liked any other car other than Vento. Car which impressed my were out of my budget. I was waiting for perfect time to buy car.

As we always say ‘whatever happen, happens for a reason’. I did not buy car in 2015 but bought a house. Now I have a dream house and I dont have to worry for next 30-40 years.

I again started doing serious search for car in mid 2018. I did not tell anyone about it. I kept visiting car showrooms for test drives. But still there was only one car in my mind and heart. And that was VW Vento TSI. I went to nearby showroom and enquired about it. There i saw Vento in Flash red colour. It was a sports edition with spoiler, black mirrors and black roof. It was a sexy looking car and at that moment I decided to this car.

I did not inform my parents about it. I wanted to surprise them. They did not even a fraction of idea about it. I told car showroom not to send any paperwork at my house. If my parents see that paperwork, they will come to know that i am buying a car. Though my friends and sisters knew about it, I kept it super secret at home. I decided delivery date as 1 Sept 2018. This was my mom’s 54th birthday.

One day prior to delivery, I went to showroom to see my car. She was looking sexy. I couldn’t wait to feel her. I told showroom employees to not to reveal anything when I come with my parents to take car delivery.

On day of delivery, i told my parents that i will take them to temple as it was mummy’s birthday. So they instantly agreed on it. As they were getting ready, I quickly took my camera and tripod and went to showroom. I placed my camera facing my car and so that i could capture each and every moment. I briefed showroom employee Karan how to switch on video camera and told him to turn it on when I tell him.

I went home, my mom was wearing saree and dad was wearing shirt and trouser. We took a auto-rishaw towards car showroom. I told driver to stop 100 meters before car showroom. We all got down and were standing on road. I told my parents that my friend Nitin is coming with us and we all will go in his car. I made a fake call from my phone and pretended that Nitin is coming late. I told my parents “Nitin will take more 15 minutes to come. Let’s stand somewhere here. Or hmmm lets go to this VW showroom. We will check out some cars till Nitin comes.” My parents nodded.

Auto-rikshaw ride to showroom

I called Karan that we are coming in 30 seconds and start video recording. He pressed REC button just before we entered showroom. The moment my father entered showroom, he went close to red car and started admiring her. My mom was looking around inside showroom. She noticed Ganesh idol moorti and did namaskar. I told my parents “VW has nice cars and are sophisticated. They also have automatic cars. This red car is also automatic and is very comfortable”. My parents nodded. “Lets hop inside” I said.

My dad was sitting on rear seat and mom in front seat as I was on driver seat. I was telling my parents about few feature of this car. I asked my mom did she like this car? She replied “Yes”. I said let’s take this car home today. Happy birthday. This is our car and today we are taking delivery of this car. My parents did not know ho to react. They were surprised. My mom started crying. Those were tears of happiness. I never saw my parents so emotional before. I knew they were happy. Their happiness is my sole purpose of my life.

My mom wiped her tears and as we came out, cake was ready. She cut birthday cake along with new member of our family. I was very happy. We took keys and drove home in our brand new red car.

Now when I look behind, I feel so much proud of myself.

Icing on the cake was when i saw my car’s registration number. It was MH 43 BN 0304. I couldn’t believe it. My date of birth is 3 April. 03 04 means 3 April. I asked Karan if he requested RTO to allot this special number for my car? He said ” No sir. I or anyone in showroom did not put any request. You have randomly got this registration number. This was a such a pleasant coincidence”.

This car is very lucky for me. Car was purchased on mom’s birthday and is registered as my date of birth. Even today i feel goosebumps when i think about this coincidence.
Do check pictures taken on that day. Also check out my parents reaction video.

Let me know about your thoughts in comment section below.

I surprised mom on her birthday
Thumps up
Two men admiring
A Dreamer’s Life
Isn’t she sexy?
Moments before we stepped inside showroom

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